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Private tours

During your vacation in Split, setting aside a day for one of these tours is an absolute must. Croatia, embraced by the stunning Adriatic Sea and home to over a thousand islands, offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the gems of the Mediterranean. The Croatian coast is a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and crystal-clear waters, and each island in the archipelago has its unique charm. From the historic streets of Hvar to the natural wonders of the Blue Cave on Bisevo Island, there's a world of discovery waiting for you.


Fishing tours

Join Sparus Boats and get ready to explore the stunning Dalmatian coast! Skippers will take you to various fishing locations around Split and along its coast to target a different marine fish. As well as experiencing the thrill of the catch, you will learn from a skipper about the marine environment and the different fish fauna that inhabit the Adriatic Sea, as well as enjoying a fantastic cruise around some of the Dalmatian most beautiful islands.


Our boats

If you want to see Dalmatian islands, visit hidden beaches and coves or simply make a panoramic ride around Split in complete privacy, we offer you the possibility of renting a boat with or without skipper! It is an entirely new and unique experience!



Our fast island transfers can be used to travel to several destinations between Dalmatian coast. No matter if you are visiting Croatia by yourself, with friends or with family; our fleet will wait for you at the specified place and time.


About us


Sparus Boats is here to guide you to the beautiful, unique Dalmatian coast, full of mystery and charms of ancient times. With our experience and expertise, we know how to design and offer custom tours and excursions with enhanced exclusivity.


We are a team of young people who love our work and truly believe in what we do. Our company started operating in 2018 but our maritime voyage began back in 2012. As we grew we fell in love with the sea, especially fishing, which gave us the opportunity to discover secret places, caves and beaches.


Our mission is to approach each guest individually and listen your needs and wishes, so these tours can be taken to a whole new level of experience that will be the highlight of your vacation.



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