Fishing tours from Split, Croatia
Fishing tours

Fishing tours

Join Sparus Boats and get ready to explore the stunning Dalmatian coast! Skippers will take you to various fishing locations around Split and along its coast to target a different marine fish. As well as experiencing the thrill of the catch, you will learn from a skipper about the marine environment and the different fish fauna that inhabit the Adriatic Sea, as well as enjoying a fantastic cruise around some of the Dalmatian most beautiful islands.

You’ll be able to troll for pelagic or bottom fish like John Dory, Dentex or Common Pandora. Other target species include Amberjack, Bonito, Mackerel, Scorpionfish, Seabream and the list keeps on impressing!

Come and enjoy the rich Adriatic waters along the Dalmatian coast and have unforgettable fishing adventure!



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